If you have a medical card or pay PRSI you may be eligible for free eye tests and glasses. In the contact us section, give us your full name, address, date of birth, phone number, PPS number and if you have one, medical card number. We will then apply on your behalf and notify you of the application. Even if you have a medical card you may be able to claim through your PRSI contributions.

Children can not use a medical card until they are 12 years old but can be tested for free through the hospital scheme. Please contact your GP to get them to arrange an appointment. We can test children from 8 years and up for the appropriate fee.

The best way to make an appointment is by phone (01-8363051) or email (supersaversopticians@gmail.com).

Our comprehensive eye tests often give us indications of conditions that may need further investigation. These indications often appear before any symptoms appear obvious to the patient. If our opticians feel it is appropriate they will give you a referral letter for your GP or specialist to investigate further. This is often done as a precautionary measure and does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong, but should still be followed up.
Myopia (short sighted) means that you can see objects up close but objects far away are blurred. This can be remedied by using specs or contact lens with a minus power.
Hyperopia (far sighted) means that you can see objects far away but objects up close are blurred. This can be remedied using specs or contact lens with a plus power.
Presbyopia means that you are far sighted for reading purposes. This common condition usually develops in people in their mid fourties. People who have never worn specs before as well as people who already wear specs can develop this condition. It can be remedied with specs with a plus power, bifocals or varifocals. Sometimes contact lens can be used to help with this condition too. Your optician will recommend the best solution for you.
Harmful blue light is virtually everywhere nowadays. It has always been present outdoors but now its presence is felt indoors when we use electronic devices with screens (phones, tablets, computers etc). Long term exposure increases the risks of damage to the eyes. Our blue light filter lenses can help protect you from the harmful blue light in all situations, ask in store for more details.