If you find it difficult to see things at near distance, you may have hyperopia or long sightedness. The earliest sign of hyperopia is difficulty with prolonged close work. The reason for suffering from this condition is because the eyeball or cornea is too flat, causing the point of focus to occur behind the retina. The causes of hyperopia are typically genetic.

At Supersavers Opticians, we have the most sophisticated and newest technologies to carry out eye examinations. Our experienced team of optometrists and opticians will be able to diagnose your conditions after performing a thorough eye test. We could then discuss the conditions with you and prescribe an appropriate set of glasses or contact lenses.

Far-Sightedness – Solutions

We offer a number of options ranging from the very latest fashionable spectacles with ultra-light, thin lenses through to contact lenses. Call in to any of our branches get your eyes checked with an optician and to view the options you have in terms of eye wear.